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For 25 years I have been collecting animation. Unlike all the other galleries and auction house today, I collected and saved the best pieces but did not sell those best pieces. I am now ready to share this collection with the world and am offering you the ability to buy a piece of history. Some will be out of reach money wise for you because they are so historically significant and one of a kind. But I felt that by putting them up on my website, it will allow you to at least enjoy the beauty of the pieces and the stories they tell. If you are considering a piece, remember that you get to enjoy it's beauty every day you pass it on the wall. It is not the type of collectible that you can not open or display like a comic book. To this day I am amazed that people spend $1,000,000 on a Superman comic book that was one of 200,000 printed in the 1930s. 



Animation Art Emporium

Tel: 720-863-1943


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