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This piece has more stories behind it than most pieces which makes it fun to own and show. In 1942, Samuel Goldwyn produced a film called Pride of the Yankees. It stared Gary Cooper and is still one of the best Baseball films around. Goldwyn wanted to show a baseball cartoon before the movie so he approached Walt Disney to see if he could accomplish it in a short period in time. he did and in 1942 everyone got to see Goofy's "How to Play BaseBall"  The short was so successful that many more Goofy "How to" shorts followed. This was the very first "How to" short Goffy did.

After the cartoon was made a special Presentation piece was created by the Disney artists to give to famous guests that visited the Burbank studio. They took an original background and attached a perfect matching cel of Goofy on top. The care that went into the presentation pieces was extraordinary, and today Presentation pieces are some of the best you can find. Perfect gift for the Gary Cooper, Disney, and Baseball fan.

Goofy from HOW TO PLAY BASEBALL Presentation Keymaster

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