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In 1934 Walt Disney entered into an agreement with Good Houskeeping to promote films in their magazine. Beginning in 1934, Donald Duck had  small roles in cartoons but was becoming more and more popular as time went on. In 1937 Donald received his first staring roll in Don Donald. This art is from that moment that Donald became a star.  This art was created by Tom Woods who was responsible for early Disney Publicity Art and whos artwork is highly desired.

You might notice it is "don donald" rather than "Don Donald". This artwork was the beginning of the gag of Donald being second fiddle to Mickey Mouse. For the next 5 years every Donald Duck title in Good Housekeeping was uncapitalized. Of interest, Donald was in a short called Donald and Pluto in late 1936. They capitalized his and Plutos name, but the minute Donald became the Star they went to donald duck. When Donald became more popular than Mickey Mouse in the early 40s they finally capitalized his name.

Another interesting fact is "don donald" was originally going to be a Silly Symphony short, but his popularity resulted in the cartoon being a Mickey mouse cartoon rather than a Silly symphony cartoon.

One of a kind!!! Donald was the first star to be introduced by Good Housekeeping, followed 2 years later with the first Goofy in a staring role.

If that is not enough, this is the first cartoon with his girlfriend and notice the panels have him happy, sad, and mad all in one fabulous piece of art.


Tom Wood's Artwork from Donald's first staring role

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