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When collecting, the best art you can ever collect from a film is an iconic scene. For Lady and the Tramp, the Belle Notte scene of Lady and Tramp is instantly recognized. They say the most iconic image of all the Disney films is Bambi with the butterfly on his tail. For the last 78 years Disney has promoted Bambi with just such an image.  

This piece is a PRESENTATION  piece prepared by the Disney staff to present to famous visitors as a gift back in 1942. Not only is it a set of outstanding cels, it is presented on an actual production background used for Bambi. If that is not enough, it was signed without dedication by Walt and the piece looks as if it was signed yesterday. 

This piece has no rivals. It is simply the Best of the Best.

It appears that this image was the basis for all the Disney Bambi Butterfly images after this one

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